Train to win

The 2018 midterm elections are on the horizon and together we have the chance to win key electoral victories and reshape our government.

That’s because elections—at every level of government—are critical to building our power. From local school boards and state legislatures to Congress and eventually the Oval Office, we have a chance to not just resist but go on the offensive and win.

This training hub is designed to help you engage in strategic and effective electoral work to make a difference this November and building power into 2019. Our training program is developed by Indivisible staff with years of electoral and campaign experience. We want all groups to have access to the information you need to be successful.

From now until November 6th, we will be holding weekly live webinars every Wednesday with content experts. If you miss the live webinar, don’t worry, we’ll upload the video and supplemental materials to this site for your use.

Live Training Schedule