Elections have consequences, which is why so many of us are working around the clock to fight back against Trump and his agenda. One important way for us to both resist Trump and build long-term progressive power is to talk to voters about our values, and the candidates who share them. That is why, through Indivisible435, our national electoral program, we are so excited to offer Indivisible group leaders access to the Voter Activation Network (VAN).

VAN empowers groups to:

  • Use lists of voters to contact by phone or at the doors

  • Canvass door-to-door using only your cell phone or tablet

  • Keep track of voters’ responses to questions

  • Show your group’s power and impact with numbers

Indivisible Action will be working on the IE (independent expenditure) side this cycle. That means we will not be coordinating directly with campaigns or the party—and any use of our tools must be independent of campaigns and the party. You can learn more about coordination v IEs in our Campaign Finance Law toolkit.

In order to comply with Indivisible’s principles and federal and state election law, group leaders must agree to certain principles. They are below:

  • Embrace progressive values. We model inclusion, respect, and fairness in all of our actions.
  • Be independent… and compliant. Indivisible groups using this tool can’t give or receive non-public information with a candidate or their campaign, and can’t coordinate with candidates on campaign work.
  • Respect data norms, and people’s privacy. Don’t export data from this system, share data with campaigns or other organizations, or use people’s personal information for purposes other than those for which you’ve indicated you’ll use the tool. You should only use this data for contacting voters for political and civic engagement.
  • Collaborate. Partner with other Indivisible groups in your area who want to engage with the race. We’re stronger when we work together.
  • Build a strong movement—and win elections. We will focus on bringing new people into our movement, taking power at every level of government, and winning progressive victories.


Need Technical Help with Electoral Tools?

Our Data team is ready to answer your questions about Phonebanking with OpenVPB, Canvassing with MiniVAN, and more!